Change Management

- digital and otherwise

Change management involves an entire range of moving parts.

In this digital age, when companies need to reinvent the way they work on the fly, an inability to connect all parts of the organization to share data, expertise, and talent can be crippling.

In one way or another, change impacts the whole organization and all of the people in it on a daily basis.

Change management involves an entire range of moving parts.

In this digital age, when companies need to reinvent the way they work on the fly, an inability to connect all parts of the organization to share data, expertise, and talent can be crippling.

In one way or another, change impacts the whole organization and all of the people in it on a daily basis.

What we do

With a data driven approach to decision making and a strong desire to inspire and lead others through transitions, we help leaders implement strategic change and develop their digital capabilities.


Share your vision

Recognizing issues with delivering innovations, meeting customer expectations, bringing products to market, establish online business, supporting customers etc.

We work with your organisation to find out targets and milestones that asses progress towards your vision.


Invest in change

Growth requires shifts in technology, customer interaction, ways of working, and other elements that are central to your company’s DNA.

After clarifying what needs to change – and why – we help you invest in the right digital solutions, develop your capabilities and lead implementations.


Revitalize your business

Whether dealing with go-to-market strategy, transformation, or reacting to disruption, success depends upon the ability to smoothly translate plans into action.

We just don’t hand over a finished plan for employees to carry out; we explicitly engage employees in developing the plan and embed realized value in the organisation.


Marine Insurance

A first step towards changing the entire underwriting process

The Marketing Director and the IT Manager at a marine insurance company commissioned us to replace an existing qualified Excell model for calculating quotes regarding Marine Insurance with a web-based application, integrated with the CRM system. A first step towards digitizing the entire underwriting process and creating the conditions for a common online sales organization.

We developed the application and were responsible for the implementation in the global organization with over 100 people involved for 2 years. Most complex projects we have implemented, with advanced calculations of future financial risks. Extremely proud moment when the underwriting process went online.



Staffing Agency

A digital strategy anchored in the organization

The owner and management team of a large staffing company came to us with a list of thoughts, ideas and suggestions collected from the staff and asked us to help them develop a plan to realize parts of this. We identified five specific areas, made demands on existing system suppliers and developed a new portal for them to coordinate work between regions, build culture and get a better overview at management level.

Every Monday morning, the organization gathers and coordinates the week’s work together, which since kl. 11.00 is available at the management level for each office, where the management can coordinate and streamline the efforts. In the case of new acquisitions of companies in other locations, a culture and coordinated sales capacity can be built into the entire company in this way.



Hotel and travel industry

User generated content as a competitive advantage online

The CEO, owner and IT manager of a global hotel booking platform offered a platform for Scandinavian travel agencies such as Ticket to find hotels in Europe. They asked us to challenge to offer its customers genuine guest reviews, as there were often fake reviews.

We developed a concept with a campaign site integrated with the booking system which the day after the stay collected ratings and written reviews from identified guests. We received a 32% response rate already in the first month and for a few years collected hundreds of thousands of reviews that were directly presented online for each hotel room.

The company made was acquired and is today part of the world’s fastest growing provider of accommodation distribution services to the travel industry.



Retail chain ​

One of the Nordic region’s largest retail chains asked us to develop a mobile “store-check” APP for management teams and regional managers to facilitate their work in following up various KPIs. Instead of spending a lot of time following up on results and profitability in 8-10 stores, be able to use the time to actively assist in the work with marketing, sales and store development.

For 6 months, people at all levels were interviewed, we visited stores and worked close to the controller function. The result was a central web application that laid the foundation for being able to make a total reorganization with properly adapted KPIs.

As one of the group management put it, ”we get a self-playing piano”. A lot of time for follow-up was saved and the solution could be developed by the chain’s own IT organization based on our data.



Ski resort

One booking platform and mobility

In close collaboration with a brand and communications agency, we coordinated several different websites at a Norwegian ski resort in a new central website with a new brand. We connected various digital online services here such as ski pass sales, ski rental, hotel and cottage booking etc. We investigated various alternatives and recommended booking systems, developed a mobile solution for the entire offer with interactive piste maps in a new modern way. Very enriching to work with the organization for brand building, where design and content have the purpose of positioning an entire ski resort. The user test was made on site at the mountain, in the powder, of course.



The way forward

Explore your business-as-usual.

We help leaders plan, prepare, and execute changes to their business, including digital transformations. The business model canvas and the 7 lenses are useful frameworks for getting clear on why you are undertaking a transformation and which projects are to be prioritized.

Get stakeholders involved

There should be a clear commitment and understanding of what adapting your business modell means to your company. Simply put – if someone has any interest or is affected by a project, they are a stakeholder. Identify those who are directly impacted and those who may be indirectly affected and make them aware of the project’s impact and potential.

Setting down a strategy

Look at the activities and processes that need to be transformed to provide better services for your customers. By taking a measured approach you can avoid wasting resources on initiatives that doesn’t align with your business’s needs and priorities. Setting down a strategy is essential for the transformation process.

Execute & transform

In all transformations, focusing on a few clear themes that are tied directly to measurable business outcomes is conducive to achieving better results. Ultimately resulting in improved business planning and performance.

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