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Sometimes a single advice can be all you need from us to move on.

Get in contact with Peter Cederholm who is our point man and handles all new business and manages ongoing projects. Peter has an M.Sc in Market and Business Intelligence, is certified in Digital Business and Sustainability Management. But most important, he has worked hands-on with digital transformation and development since 2000. Want an advice?

Everything starts with your current situation and a cup of coffee.

Besöksadress: Kyrkogatan 36, 411 15 Göteborg

Postadress: Box 11357, 404 28 Göteborg

Kyrkogatan 36, 411 15 Göteborg

Box 11357, 404 28 Göteborg

About us

In just over 20 years we’ve founded our own start-ups, invested in others, built over 100 apps. Run digital projects for our clients and created proprietary software to make our clients more efficient. So if you need help growing your new venture, or want to lift your existing business with good advice, transformation leadership or with the help of custom applications, we’re the team for you.

Our office is in the City of Gothenburg, Sweden, where most of our customers have their headquarters. When we make efforts globally, it usually takes place in our customers’ offices on site. We now have almost exclusively meetings online, due to the pandemic, but one of our partners traveled to Dubai for Sustainability workshops in recently in March 2021.

We are an experienced team of who have explored the possibilities with Internet and developed online business as it has matured and become a part of every day life.

We form close partnerships with expertise in various fields based on what is necessary. However, our most important success factor is working alongside the people in our client’s organization.

Internet is limitless, an important mindset we bring into every clients organisation. Bridging the gap between what is happening right now and what is possible has kept us curious since the beginning.

"We are confident we can challenge the way you work and expand your digital business."